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Funny jokes in english - 2
barzellette in inglese

English funny jokes about the friend's girlfriend
she became my wife
-Friends meeting after a long time-
How are you? Is your girlfriend all right?
She is no more my girlfriend...
It's better for you. She used to fuck with the butcher.
... I meant that she became my wife.

Funny joke with faithfull people
I have to come back to my wife.
-Two friends-
Tv said just one English people on two is sexually faithful
It's late. I have to come back to my wife.  

English funny joke to the beach
blind man yesterday night i fucked my dinghy
- On the beach. A blind man starts inflating an inflatable doll -
What a shame! here there are children. Put away that inflatable doll!
What inflatable doll? it means yesterday night i fucked my dinghy


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